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Thanks to a rich history that spans nearly two centuries, Christofle has preserved an exceptional patrimony.
Thousands of pieces and documents (photos, sketches, prints) illustrate the history of a house of international renown, retrace a tradition of creation and decorative arts through the craft of silversmithing and the evolution of lifestyles, and chronicle the arts of the table from the 19th century onward.

From its founding in 1830 until today, Christofle has remained at the forefront of the decorative arts by fostering constant creative renewal and perfecting new techniques.

Photo : Jean-Michel Kollar

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This patrimony spans the major artistic movements, from Historicism to Naturalism, Orientalism, Japonism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the new aesthetics from the mid-20th century through the early 21st. From the outset Christofle, in addition to its in-house design studio, has partnered with illustrators, sculptors and decorative artists to create exceptional objects and collections.

Photo : Archives Christofle

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The first company in France to silver plate metal by electrolysis, the house pioneered research into industrial applications for electricity, which led to the development of solid and in-the-round galvanoplasty and electroplating, outstanding examples of which include the statues atop the Opera Garnier in Paris. To address the problem of color in silversmithing, Christofle perfected patinas, enamels, brass and lacquer finishes.

Two hundred years of French and European history are reflected in Christofle's archives, from revolutions to the advent of modern tourism and travel, to world fairs, the emergence of gastronomy, the rise of sports competitions and monumental decoration.

Photographe Stéphane Garrigues

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As an initiator, creator and supporter of new trends
Christofle has reflected the times since its founding.

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For further requests or questions about the history and heritage of Christofle, please send an email to contact@christofle.com, or a letter to:

Musée Bouilhet Christofle
9 rue Royale, 75008 Paris.

Photographe Patrick Lazie (Musée du Louvres)