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Celebrated and internationally renowned designers, some of whose works figure in the collections of the world's greatest museums, collaborate with Christofle to express their creative talent through the exceptional know-how of our Master Silversmiths.

Designers who have marked their era, such as the Italian architect Gio Ponti and the Danish visual artist Christian Fjerdingstad, or more recently the designer Martin Szekely, the American artist Michele Oka Doner and the French designers Andrée Putman and Ora Ito, have all participated in the stylistic renewal of the brand's fine silver collection.

Produced in limited and numbered editions, each of these exceptional objects are true works of art and unique pieces in the eyes of serious collectors.

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Christofle regularly re-edits pieces from its heritage collections in order to perpetuate the gestures and secular techniques required to make them. Whether decorative or functional, these exceptional pieces bear witness to an era; they are the incarnation of an inspired creative spirit.

The Master Silversmith's know-how and command of the most sophisticated techniques are the essence of the brand's spirit and its approach to manufacturing.

Using the greatest of care, tools dating back more than 100 years have been reinstated in order to create an identical reproduction of a collectible piece.

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Special orders

Luc Boegly (Panneaux et portes dessinés par Christian Heckscher, fabriqués par cc et exposés à l'Intercontinental de Genève)

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The customer's imagination, original designs and even photographs may inspire bespoke fine silver.

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The Master Silversmiths place all their talent at the service of fine silver lovers in order to create personalized and unique pieces.

Whether it's a silver service designed exclusively for a private client or a hotel, complementary pieces for an existing service or a customized adaptation of a Christofle design, the Master Silversmiths at Christofle bring even the most extravagant dreams within reach.

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