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Andrée Putman

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Andrée Putman

A 1990 graduate of Paris’ ENSCI-Les Ateliers (Paris Design Institute), Jean-Marie Massaud has become a protean creator who is internationally recognised for his work in the fields of design and architecture. Jean-Marie Massaud’s generous and streamlined designs are well-known and highly esteemed for their elegant proportions. But beyond questions of form, his quest for lightness is based on a creative synthesis of economy of means, object utility, and accuracy in the response to the

 Interview de Jean-Marie Massaud

His creative practice, expressed at the crossroads of anthropology, engineering, and poetry, is faithfully illustrated in his achievements.
“I’m trying to find an honest, generous path [...] with the idea that, somewhere between the hard economic data, there are users, people.”
Free from scales and domains, Jean-Marie Massaud presents innovative and progressive solutions that refresh lifestyles and systemic solutions responding to contemporary
In his mind, a project today must synthesise three broader stakes: individual and collective fulfilment and expression; economic and industrial concerns; and environmental matters.

His creations, whether speculative or pragmatic, explore this now imperative paradigm: reconciling pleasure with responsibility, the individual with the collective. “The human, economic, and environmental stakes, often perceived to be in conflict, are nevertheless inseparable. It is our responsibility to create the conditions of their mutation for their mutual benefit. Therein lies innovation, true value creation for new, qualitative and symbiotic growth.”

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