MOOD Party

Four years after its creation, MOOD by Christofle has become a household icon. Now, Christofle Studio continues to explore new forms of liveliness by adapting the MOOD to different styles of sharing.
From New York to Tokyo, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Los Angeles, the art of dining is becoming increasingly relaxed and informal. A silversmith since 1830, Christofle is committed to honoring a tradition of reflecting current lifestyles with refinement, style and elegance.

MOOD Party was designed in this spirit. Whether the moment is festive or casual, palette sweet or salty, this new MOOD was specially designed to enhance moments of sharing with family and friends.

The MOOD Party tray is ideal for brunches, cocktails, and DIY snack and dessert bars. It fits anywhere, from tabletop to terrace, around the fireplace or in the yard.

Fitted with two handles to make it easy to take anywhere, the tray features six compartments in Limoges porcelain of various sizes, a central bowl and a walnut presentation board. It perfectly accommodates MOOD Party's innovative 24-piece set of silver-plated cutlery for six people, including butter knives, small spoons, appetizer forks and cocktail picks.

Like the tray, MOOD Party’s casing is made of mirror-polished steel that enhances its design by giving it an alluring and modern look. The case is subtly embellished with Christofle’s coat of arms giving it an elegant finishing touch.

MOOD Party and its corresponding tray work together perfectly as well of independent from one another. It is a versatile 2-in-1 piece that adapts to every occasion featuring tapas, mezze, cheese spreads, charcuteries and dessert spreads.