MOOD by Christofle

Christofle shakes up the classic codes of table setting with a new concept that’s right in step with the times.

A decorative piece with a compact shape, MOOD By Christofle is a streamlined, comtemporary and universal statement, in a silver-plated service for six.
MOOD By Christofle brings to the table the promise of conviviality and moments to remember.

Christofle, the Maison that stands for excellence in silversmithing, offers in MOOD By Christofle an avant-garde vision of relaxed entertaining that remains both elegant and refined.

MOOD by Christofle


MOOD by Christofle

Last year, KARL LAGERFELD designed a limited edition Christofle MOOD with only 1,500 pieces crafted and distributed worldwide.

Christofle and KARL LAGERFELD collaborated to create two exclusive pieces with decorative cases in black and silver that opens to reveal a specially designed flatware set.

Inspired by Art Deco art and architecture, KARL LAGERFELD’s designed the piece with structured, graphic lines on the egg-shaped decorative case, which enhanced the contrast of geometry.

The MOOD opens to reveal a 24-piece silver-plated flatware set and each piece was stamped with the KARL LAGERFELD signature silhouette insignia.

MOOD Coffee is a flatware set consisting of six silver-plated espresso spoons, to accompany moments of warmth and relaxation with friends.

Like MOOD by Christofle, the MOOD Coffee collection includes MOOD Coffee Precious, a copper-colored version with espresso spoons gilded in 18-carat rose gold.

Thanks to its timelessness and contemporary design, MOOD Coffee is a new and daring addition to daily luxury living.

MOOD Coffee
MOOD Nomade

MOOD NOMADE is perfect for chic, outdoor moments in your garden, on your terrace, or while yachting. It is as beautiful as it is functional with a leather bridle that allows for portability and convenience.

This ensemble brings an elegant, relaxed touch to outdoor brunch among friends or an intimate dinner under the stars.

With MOOD NOMADE, Christofle offers a harmonious piece that combines the strength of metal with the softness of leather.

An example of exceptional know-how and a style that marks its era.

MOOD by Christofle