Idole de christofle

Idole de Christofle


Using circular design themes with their sensual and intentionally asymmetrical design, Idole de Christofle, launched in January 2005, and is the first sterling silver jewelry line created by Andrée Putman for the Maison. It is elegant, contemporary and timeless and is a perfect example of how Christofle has evolved. Armed with its success, new models were added to the collection this year.

For spring 2018, the Idole collection, ever faithful to its unique style, continues to set itself apart through the unexpected marriage of precious material and an organic treasure: silver and cultured pearls
The symbol of femininity and natural beauty, an emblem of delicateness and refinement, fresh water pearls offset the dazzle of silver with their soft finish, lending new harmony to the sensual curves of earrings, the fluid lines of necklaces and pendants and the assertive lines of a ring, exalting the gem’s noblesse, the metal’s strength, precision in craft and the originality of the design.

The reflection of the refinement, elegance and style inherent in the French art of living, the Idole Perle & Argent collection is the latest creation by a Maison that has always been at the forefront of major currents in design. A style-maker and tastemaker, the Maison Christofle presents the perfect incarnation of contemporary luxury.

Idole de Christofle

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