Feb 15, 2023

How about accompanying the traditional flower bouquet with an original gift, a lasting sign of your love for the woman who has always been close to your heart?



A silver necklace or ring, a designer vase or some pretty crystal glasses will be a classic appreciated gift. If you wish something more personal, why not set a photo in an elegant silver frame or even have a silver tray engraved with a personal message, testimony of your affection...




Vermeil Patte de Lion Jewelry Set

This assortment is composed of 3 pieces in Sterling Silver Gilded including: a Sterling Silver Gilded 24 carats cross ring, a Sterling Silver Gilded 24 carats stud earrings and a Sterling Silver gilded 18 carats pendant Necklace.

Vermeil Patte de Lion Jewelry Set

Patte de Lion

Vermeil Patte de Lion Jewelry Set



Offer her something decorative

Your most beautiful memories will be highlighted in these exceptional settings with feminine lines, in sterling silver. It is possible to personalize your picture frame by adding a silver metal plate, engraved with a first name and/or a date, to the backside of the frame.

Customize Customize
Picture frame 13X18 cm Perles  Sterling silver


Sterling silver picture frame - for 13 x 18 cm photos






To enhance the tasting experience, Christofle has developed MOOD Asia and its tray. This set of 24 pieces for 6 people will with no doubt amaze her. It is composed of 6 pairs of chopsticks and their chopstick holders, 6 forks all silver-plated, as well as a the 6 broth spoons that suited to Asian bowls.


Discover other products to set your table





Ideal to savor champagne during the aperitif or dessert, this elegant hand-made crystal champagne flute from Graphik collection is magnified by the emblematic cut of the Graphik collection. It will accompany all the friendly moments of her life.



Novelties that will please her

Sometimes the easiest way to tell her how much you love her is to share a nice meal and reminisce together sweet memories.

Do you prefer a modern or an exceptional table? Christofle offers you two new flatware Collections. First, discover Infini Christofle Collection, the essential cutlery that rethinks each element of cutlery present in a traditional service to offer 15 quintessential pieces, including 2 pieces to serve.

You can also choose Pompon Collection for a stunning table. Do you know that this collection offers flatware but also splendid sterling silver jewelry pieces? 

These collections will perfectly suite with your outstanding table set. To decorate your table, you can opt for Sève d'Argent Collection and its photophores, vases and trays.

Infini Christofle
The Christofle silversmith's house revisits table practices with its new collection of essential cutlery called Infini Christofle. The Christofle Studio has created Infini Christofle by rethinking each element of cutlery present in a traditional service to offer 15 quintessential pieces, including 2 pieces to serve.
The Pompon collection honours a motif that has a special place in the history of costume, decoration and, more broadly, the decorative arts. You have the choice either to sublimate your exceptional table with Pompon Cutlery but also to accessorize your outfit with the elegant Pompon Jewelry.
Sève d'Argent
For the Sève d'argent collection, Studio Christofle reinterprets the Surtout, with independent pieces that are assembled to form a central piece. This Surtout is reminiscent of a forest of lights: the photophores and vases create a play of lights and a mirror effect thanks to the mirrored trays located behind.

The origins of Mother's Day

Every year we celebrate our mothers to thank them for the care, protection and love they give us. This tradition has existed since ancient times: the Greeks celebrated Rhea, the mother of the gods, and the Romans began to pay tribute to women and mothers during the "Matraliae" as early as the 5th century BC.


In the 15th century, the English instituted the "Mothering Sunday", which was to become very popular throughout the world. In France, the first official "Mother's Day" was celebrated in Lyon in 1918 before becoming a national holiday in 1950. It is then definitively fixed to the last Sunday of May.


In the United States, the American Mother's Day was born in 1908 on the initiative of Anna Jarvis, who wanted to honor her own mother and all mothers. She succeeded in having this celebration adopted as a national holiday in 1914, by a decision of Congress.


Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey and Russia have followed the tradition established by the United States to celebrate their national mothers.

Mother's Day 2022 dates

Mother's Day is celebrated all over the world, but sometimes on very different dates. Here is a little guide to help you find your way around.


In France, Mother's Day 2023 is set for March 19th, the last Sunday in May. However, the Spanish and Portuguese will inaugurate the festivities on May 7th, while for the vast majority of other countries in the world, such as Belgium, Italy, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, or Canada, Mother's Day will be celebrated on May 14th. Finally, Luxembourg will end the ball on June 11th.


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers around the globe!