A silver tray combines functionality and design


An iconic gift for weddings and other special occasions, silver trays can serve as a lifelong companion for sophisticated receptions. In the world of gastronomy, silver-plated trays are frequently used to present and serve tasty dishes. Available in different shapes and sizes, a silver-plated tray is the ideal accessory to present appetizers during a cocktail hour or add a decorative touch to your table. Whether classic or engraved, we suggest selecting a silver tray pattern that matches your flatware.

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  1. MOOD Party tray Stainless Steel MOOD Party Tray
    Best Seller

    MOOD Party

    Stainless Steel MOOD Party Tray

  2. Carafe tray Vertigo  Silver plated Silver-Plated Bottle/Carafe Coaster


    Silver-Plated Bottle/Carafe Coaster


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