Porcelain Oval platter 28 cm Platinum Finish



Oval platter in Limoges porcelain with platinum decoration for an elegant table setting. The decoration reinterprets the collection's signature codes.


  • SKU : B07687220
  • 主な素材 : ポーセレン
  • コレクション : マルメゾンインペリアル
  • フィニッシング : プラチナ
  • 直径 : 38 cm


■送料1,100円(税込) 55,000円(税込)以上購入で送料無料。












Recommandations: all our porcelain models are microwave-safe, except those decorated with precious metals (gold, silver or platinum). Our products are safe for use in conventional ovens at temperatures below 300°C. We recommend you do not place a plate from the fridge directly into a hot oven, or vice versa. IN THE DISHWASHER : we recommend occasional washes using a low-temperature programme and not exceeding the recommended amount of product. If you cannot wash the items right away (either by hand or in the dishwasher), we recommend rinsing with hot water. Please make sure the items do not touch one another inside the dishwasher. BY HAND: you can wash your porcelain set by hand, using a soft sponge and pH-neutral dishwashing liquid. Avoid using the rough side of the sponge, as it could scratch or damage the porcelain’s decorative pattern, especially if it’s gold or platinum. If your porcelain set is decorated with gold or platinum, moisture or friction from cutlery might cause damage. To brighten the trimmed or patterned surfaces of your porcelain, we recommend using the chamois cloth or goldsmith’s glove from Christofle’s care range. To preserve the beauty of your porcelain when stored, we suggest placing a thin sheet of paper (such as soft paper or tissue paper) or fabric between each plate or saucer and avoiding stacking the items too high.


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