Chri-Chri CollectionChri-Chri Collection


Maison Christofle presents Chri-Chri, a collection of highly desirable jewellery.
Endlessly adaptable to each individual’s taste, this sterling silver range comprises a necklace and bracelet with large links, and five medallions,

all designed by Studio Christofle.



Chri-Chri MedalsChri-Chri Medals


Five medallions for five emblems of Maison Christofle:

geometric Malmaison motif, the animal touch of the Patte de Lion, the clean Art Déco lines of Ondulations, the simplicity of Albi and the delicacy of the Perles range.


Chri-Chri MedalsChri-Chri Medals


Five medallions that can be personalised with the help of Christofle’s engraving service, like a set of lucky charms and coded messages.

Five medallions to collect and wear according to your mood: singly for a sophisticated, minimalist style, or together for a joyful, daring look.


Chri-Chri MedalsChri-Chri Medals
All Chri-Chri MedalsAll Chri-Chri Medals


Malmaison medallion : for its style inspired by the Empire II.


Malmaison Medal Chri-ChriMalmaison Medal Chri-Chri


Albi medallion : for a timeless casual chic style.


Patte de Lion

Patte de Lion medallion : for an animal style and a rock touch.



Ondulations medallion :

for its ode to Art Deco style.


Chri-Chri MedalsChri-Chri Medals


Perles medallion :

for a traditional and feminine style.