Mar 9, 2020

With its racy look, powerful lines and assertive modernity, Christofle's Graphik collection offers a wide range of products, from the crystal glasses, to the bar accessories, to celebrate one of the most trendy moments of the moment: the cocktail party.



Graphik silver-plated Trays are the latest products of the Collection. Christofle offers 4 sizes of trays, perfect for all occasions.

Use them for your receptions, to use as a decoration or even to offer as gift to your loved ones.





Size 10 x 15 cm :

Desk accessory or trinket tray, ideal for credit and business cards.


Size 22 x 16 cm : 

Ideal for serving coffee


Size 21 x 30 cm :

For a beautiful contemporary decoration


Size 45 x 32 cm :

Serving tray perfect for aperitifs or snacks



The shaker is a must-have key piece for all cocktail and drink recipes. The Graphik silver-plated shaker encourages cooling to give a perfectly blended cocktail at just the right temperature.

 It includes a strainer to filter pre-mixed cocktails.




This double measure allows you to precisely measure out the amount of liquid to give the accurate ratios needed to prepare cocktails and other drinks.


The finest part of the intersection between the two measures is a grip allowing better handling, offering a design that is aesthetic and ergonomic in one.

Buckets for fresh drinks


Both must haves, these Graphik buckets welcome and keep champagne and wine fresh for longer, all in elegance. The handles crafted in rounded lines make it easy to handle the bucket and cooler while complementing their shape.

Complete your set with an insulated bucket to keep ice cubes or crushed ice in the best conditions.

  The choice is yours!


Sharing a drink


From the preparation of your cocktails to the presentation of your most beautiful bottles, the Graphik collection for the Bar will elegantly combine with the Graphik collection of Glasses throughout your festive evenings, to celebrate an event, share, and live a magical moment.

For oenology enthusiasts

Wine tasting is a ritual. Observation of her dress, discovery of her notes and association with good food. To carry it out, the Graphik wine box is an excellent companion. 



The geometric decoration of the Graphik collection is systematically positioned on the base or top of each piece,
magnified by Christofle's famous unique mirror polish.
It is also available on a wide range of crystal pieces but also since 2019 of jewelry for men.

The Graphik collection accompanies with strength and style all moments of emotion.