Set a beautiful table for family and friends
Apr 6, 2022
Easter Table 2023Easter Table 2023


Spring is here and time has come to celebrate and gather again together around a perfect meal and a beautiful table. Passover or Easter are precious moments to be shared with loved ones. The ideal composition and balance are all yours, but definitly include: center pieces, silver-plated dishes, serving pieces and delicate flatware. Please find our selection below.



Perfect Flatware for a Perfect Table

Accompanying exceptional moments, flatware sublimates dinners and lunches with its refined touch.



Adding a beautiful centerpiece can give your table a whole new look and enhance it with a fresh new design.

Carving Pieces

The essential carving pieces

Whether it is lamb, roasted chicken or beef, let your serving pieces take center stage. Enjoy our selection and find the set that will honor your meal.

Serving Pieces

How to choose the serving pieces?

Pie server or cake server, soup ladle or sugar ladle, spreader or cheese knife... Serving pieces' particular functional shape, size and elegance will honor the guests treated with this thoughtfulness.

Tea and Coffee Accessories

What about some tea or some coffee to finish the meal with a sweet touch? 

Choose your accessories and set your table thanks to the wide range of products Christofle offers.


Tea and Coffee for EasterTea and Coffee for Easter

Compose your Easter Table


Host an exceptional Easter with those exceptional table settings. To create an exceptional holiday table, you just have to follow 5 simple steps:

1 - First, choose the flatware. Christofle offers a unique range of silver cutlery suitable for all styles.
2 – Remember to impement a centerpiece as it is serves as the focal point of your festive table.
3 – Select porcelain plates, preferably simple and elegant. 
4 - Incorporate table accessories including saltshakers, bread  baskets, coasters and trays.
5 - Finally, illuminate everything with a unique candle holder or candelabras and make your table shine like stars.


Modern Table Set

Modern Table Set

Traditional Table Set

Traditional Table Set

Exceptional Table Set

Exceptional Table Set

The Nicest Decor

Tablecloth for 6 people – Sarah Espeute for Christofle Tablecloth for 6 people – Sarah Espeute for Christofle

Sarah Espeute for Christofle
Tablecloth - 6 people - 155 x 260 cm
Tablecloth - 12 people - 175 x 365 cm

Tablecloth for 12 people – Sarah Espeute for Christofle Tablecloth for 12 people – Sarah Espeute for Christofle

MOOD by Christofle
A decorative piece with a compact shape, MOOD brings the promise
of conviviality and moments to remember.



Forget what you know about cutlery and live a unique sensory experience with Infini.


The Jardin d´Eden cutlery collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders studio, a great name in contemporary design. Baroque, the exuberance of its decor breaks with the characteristic refinement of the house.

Malmaison Impériale

Christofle takes the emblematic codes of the Malmaison model and interprets them in a modern and feminine version.​ Christofle is offering 6 pieces in two versions, one platinum and one gold.