Choose your chopsticks
Dec 28, 2022
Choose your chopsticksChoose your chopsticks


How to choose your chopsticks? Discover the Christofle chopstick collections
from your everyday meals to your most elaborate celebrations to impress your guests.

 Essential cutlery for seizing food in Asia, chopsticks come in different formats depending on their origin. 

Chinese chopsticks


The Chinese chopsticks, often made of bamboo, are long because they allow food to be placed in shared dishes in the center of the table. The First Emperor of China, Yu the Great of the Xia Dynasty, is said to have invented the Chinese chopsticks
(16th - 11th Century BC).

The earliest chopsticks came from the Shang dynasty and were made of bronze. The more expensive ones were made of gold, silver, jade, and occasionally coral and were reserved for the elite and special rituals.


Japanese chopsticks


The Japanese chopsticks are made of lacquered wood, short and with a pointed end, because the food is not shared: each member at the table has his own plate.

Both are shaped like the beak of a bird so that they can effectively grasp the grain of rice and fish, without getting their hands dirty or wet. They are also used to stir, separate and cut.



With their universal shape MOOD chopsticks feature a design that is a cross between the styles of all Asian chopsticks.


Jardin d'Eden Chopsticks


These luxurious chopsticks come in the intricately designed Jardin d'Eden motif. The Jardin d´Eden cutlery collection was created in 2010 by Marcel Wanders studio, a great name in contemporary design. Baroque, the exuberance of its decor breaks with the characteristic refinement of the house.